Since 1906 BOJOLA’s casual yet sophisticated look blends with the beauty and resistance of the highest quality materials to create an end product of great value.

That's BOJOLA.
Our experience focuses on three product ranges: the classic saddlery and cowhide range, the steady leather-trimmed cotton range and the casual super soft calfskin goods.


This leather is from Tuscan tanneries that still use traditional vegetal tanning systems. The resistance and colour intensity of this type of leather typically remain unchanged over time, making these items timeless classics.


Bojola products made of Cotton and leather trimmed are the fifth essence of sturdiness and simplicity. Clean lines of design, color intensity and thickness of the material are used to create products designed to last over time.


This range of products is made of extremely soft leather and has a casual but yet sophisticated look.

The creations of this collection stand out for their innovative and practical shapes.